Our Team

Rezchain is part of Webjet Limited (ASX: WEB). We are an ASX 200 listed company operating a digital travel business with over $1.9 billion in total turnover. Webjet operates in both the B2C and B2B sectors. 

The B2B Travel business, WebBeds, currently operates Lots of Hotels, Sunhotels, Jac Travel and FIT Ruums brands, selling hotels rooms to travel agent partners via their API and online channels.  

The B2C Travel business operates the market leading brands of Webjet and Zuji in the Australia and New Zealand market, and Online Republic which specializes in the online booking of cars, motorhomes globally and cruises in the Australia and New Zealand markets.

Find out more about Webjet here: https://www.webjetlimited.com

Meet the Rezchain team:

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Lynne Oldfield: Director Corporate Development

Lynne brings a depth of hotel industry knowledge and global experience to Webjet having managed businesses across Australia, New Zealand, India and North America.

“Some of the strengths of blockchain technology are that it is decentralised, distributed, and open, however  this can also be a challenge when companies are sharing sensitive data.  Rezchain’s architecture ensures any sensitive data stored “on chain” is hashed and cannot be decoded, while still allowing companies access to the granular detail necessary to resolve mismatched booking data."

 For commercial enquiries, contact Lynne at lynne.oldfield@webjet.com.au

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Graham Anderson: Head of IT

A seasoned technology professional with a great track record of delivering innovative, transformational programmes and solutions in the Travel domain.

“We know it can be overwhelming for a travel company to consider adopting a new process that also requires the steep learning curve of a new technology.  What we have designed here with Rezchain is a solution that offers a simple entry point to blockchain efficiencies and allows companies to choose when and if they want to be part of the underlying infrastructure.”

For tech enquiries, contact Graham at Graham.Anderson@webjet.com.au


Shashank Kaul: Lead Developer

Shashank is an outstanding Development Lead and is responsible for half of Webjet’s team of developers, providing leadership, direction and mentoring. 

Over the last 14 years he has built expertise across many Azure services (Appservice, Storage, Machine Learning, Bot Framework to name a few).  In the past two years, he been focussing his efforts on developing on the Ethereum platform hosted in Azure, to create Rezchain.


Mital Kakaiya: Solutions Architect

Mital is a Solution Architect at Webjet. He is passionate about working with evolving technologies, having been introduced to computers at a young age. Mital attained a degree as Master of Engineering in Information Technology and has since continued his journey to expand his skills in the IT industry.

He has 20 years experience in enterprise development, working extensively with Microsoft’s tools, technologies and eco-systems. He is always keen to work with new technologies and has delivered projects with Microsoft .NET Framework since its first release in 2002. 

Mital has built enterprise applications with a wide range of Azure services since 2011.  More recently, Mital has been developing the Blockchain/Etherum platform, and deployed in Azure, to deliver Rezchain.


Sokun Chorn: Blockchain Developer

Sokun is a Blockchain Developer at Webjet. Before joining Webjet, he served as IT Advisor for 7 years under a large United Nations Development Program (UNDP) project which worked on supporting the Government of Cambodia’s local governance reform.

Sokun holds a Master of Information Technology from RMIT University. Pivoting from his strength in building and developing centralized microservices, and RESTful API services, he is currently focused on using Blockchain technology to deliver full stack decentralized systems.


Marcel Dempers: Engineering Architect

Marcel focuses mainly cloud technology engineering at Webjet. He is passionate about building distributed applications on containers with Docker and Kubernetes. Marcel is also a DevOps evangelist, encouraging automation technology and open source practices. 


Divya Vishen: Business Analyst

Divya is an experienced Business analyst professional and proven subject matter expert in continuous improvement and process optimisation.

Of Rezchain, Divya says “From a business analysis perspective, blockchain offers an entirely new paradigm for building and running businesses. It enables an entirely new approach to enterprise architecture where business functions can be easily automated with use of Smart contracts. By creating smart contracts on Rezchain for hotel room transactions, we believe we have been able to address some key challenges that exist across the hotel distribution chain.”


Wilson Huynh: Lead UI Developer

Wilson has a genuine passion for Web development and he has been a key contributor to a wide range of projects in a variety roles.

He is an IT industry professional with more than a decade of experience and is highly skilled at creating rich and dynamic interfaces for complex web application on both mobile and desktop platforms.


Rob Nastos: User Experience Designer

Rob is a passionate UX designer with a background in digital and product design, corporate branding, marketing and advertising. Always utilising a variety of UX methodologies to help inform UI decisions across multiple platforms to create products that are delightful and gratifying, to create a sublime user experience.

“I always strive to push the boundaries of design, whether that is the interface, the technology or the interaction design to ultimately create the best solution possible. I feel like a big kid with a digital crayon, making the web a more enjoyable place one project at a time.”


Matt De Boise: Head of Marketing and Brand

Matt is an experienced B2B Marketing and Brand professional with over 16 years in the travel industry. In his previous role at JacTravel, (now part of the WebBeds family) Matt built the company’s presence in the market-place through leading a number of projects and initiatives including planning launch events, leading an international trade show calendar and managing all aspects of the company’s corporate identity and communications strategy.

“We all love anything that solves a problem or makes our lives easier at work so, from a Marketing perspective, being involved in a product like Rezchain which does exactly that, is a dream come true!”